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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Seriously, you need to own this.
It is like a guidebook to living life or something.
Probably the latter.
But, it is green and it is FULL of good words.
£5 incl. postage to anywhere.

Contributor list is here**:

Jessica Maybury, The Earth is Filled With Violence?
Cami Park
, Where is Cyrano?
Greg Gerke
, Vincent and Theo (and Murray?)
Ani Smith
, Can I Offer You a Refresher?
J. A. Tyler
, Am I How This Is?
Chris East
, Do You Want to Live With Me in My Parent’s Basement?
Sariya Iman Ikoye
, Illegible Emotion/If the Meaning of Life Is to Find the Meaning of Life What Does This Mean; Is it Like ‘The Joke Is There Is No Joke’ or ‘The Point Is There Is No Point’ or Something?
Ben Brooks
, What Are We?
Jimmy Chen
, Who Has the Key to the Lactation Room?
Andrew Borgstrom
, Whose Goddam Oatmeal is This?
Sam Pink
, Is There a Way Not to Sweat While Sleeping?
Ninian Doff
, Why Are You Bleeding Every Morning When We Wake Up?
Dollar Money
, Who Is Mark Wahlberg?
Catherine Maskell
, Congratulations, When’s It Due?
Crispin Best
, What Are the Side Effects of Birth Control?
John Oldham
, Where Do You Want to Go Today?
Vaughan Simons
, Are You Lookin’ at My Bird?
Josh Kleinberg
, What Will We Do Tonight?
DJ Berndt
, When Will I Finally Die?

**thanks to cami park for doing the 'leg work' on that one!!!

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