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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Semi Colons; If It Feels Good, Do It

Yesterday Chris and I did an interview for BBC Radio Northampton's "The Weekender" show, which is on every Friday night and is co-hosted by our lovely friend Natasha House. 

I don't know if it went very well. You can judge that for yourselves this Friday night at 6pm. Or here: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/northamptonshire/weekender/weekender_20090313-1726a.mp3 

Er, I think I said a lot of stupid vacuous things. I hope there will be something of worth for the ears of the people of Northampton and that at least some people will understand what we are trying to do and be interested to seek it out and find out more. 

Soooooooooooooo, basically thanks to Chris' stubborn hard work and being at the beck and call of the printer for days upon days ("CHRIS! CHRIS!! I need more paper. I need more paper now Chris! Chris, where are you I need ink. INK INK INK INK INK I'm going to keep saying ink. ink. ink. ink. ink. ink. ink. ink. ink. ink"), the first edition of anything by 'BUREAU DE BOOKS' is well and truly printed. Now it just needs to be stapled together. I'll probably try and help a bit with that now. 

But seriously, watch this space for imminent news of where you will be able to find this magnificent beast when the last staple has been stapled. You can of course buy it off of this very web-site-blog-page for a mere £2 (incl. postage). But Of Course! 

Thanks and Best Wishes

PS: If anyone can explain the mystery of the semi colon to me I'd appreciate it. I am currently relying upon the old age adage of "if it feels good, do it".


  1. books bureau de


    kurt vonnegut says that you should never use semi-colons as all they do is prove you went to college

    poor semi-colons

  2. agreed
    and no semi colon t-shirt is going to change that.

    if yr not certain
    just put a pound sign £££

  3. Let's say theoretically I hated Kurt Vonnegut and I wanted to prove to some people (maybe all people ie. everyone) that I did go to college... then can i put it on a T-shirt?

  4. I hate Kurt Vonnegut; I went to college £ It was good.

  5. Im so excited, that was my first verification thing that was actually a word -
    the word was "Holebus"